Hello, I'm Madeline Kimberley

I’m from a small town in Southern Ontario, born and raised on a dairy farm surrounded by dirt roads and hills and not a whole lot else. I love being outside when there's sunshine and being inside with a coffee while it's raining. Rain or shine, I have to get out for a walk every single day to enjoy God's creation. My friends and family will say I never stop laughing or talking. I love bonfires, iced chai lattes, wearing big hoodies, being anywhere by the water, and that time of night right after the sun goes down, when the oranges and pinks fade into purples and blues.

i'm sooo happy you're here.

Our lives are made up of a series of moments. I have always loved the idea of a photo being able to stop a moment in time, and how it's all we really have to look back on a memory. Some of these fleeting moments are small and seem mundane, and others are life changing. Both my parents and grandparents have always had boxes and boxes of old photographs in their home, from all stages of life. Seeing what each person looked like at that time and hearing the story behind each photo leads to reminiscing, reliving memories and seeing faces that you miss. It can bring tears to your eyes or put a smile on your face. I want to create these photos for you. I want you to share them with friends and family members, to hang them on the walls of your home, to put them in a box and pull them out for your future children and grandchildren. These timeless images that will bring you back to that day, back to that moment. Whether it's the day you said “I do” or the last photo you have of a loved one who has passed on.
There are so many things worth remembering in life, these moments pass us in the blink of an eye—or the click of a shutter.

Let’s capture them together.

the beginning of the  story 

My parents decided (after some convincing) to buy me a Nikon D5000 camera for my grade 8 graduation gift when I was just 13 years old. I come from a VERY big family and I grew up in the most beautiful area, so I would photograph everything and everyone I could. Flowers and farm animals quickly turned into family portraits and engagements, which eventually turned into weddings. I guess, as they say, the rest is history. 

I don't think my mom and dad realized that would come out of this, but I can't imagine how different my life would be if I didn't get that wonderful gift. So, I guess shout-out to the best parents ever for somehow trusting me that much as a 13 year old. I really am forever grateful and so blessed to do what I love.

Let's make something BeautIful